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    Stonehouse, Gloucestershire: A member of the STROUDWATER TEAM.

    Proposed alterations to St Cyr's Church, Stonehouse

    View from west showing access via west door


    Detail of north-east end showing two vestries and easier access to chancel

    Detail of south-east showing office and vestry

    Detail of west end showing new kitchen/servery and toilets

    St Cyr’s Church, Stonehouse

    Improvements to Facilities

    We are planning to improve the facilities at St Cyr’s church – your parish church.

    The main points are:

    Addition of proper toilets, including wheelchair access.

    A new kitchen/servery.

    Larger meeting area at the west end.

    Full access through the west door.

    Conversion of old vestry to an office.

    Conversion of side chapels to choir and clergy vestries.

    Re-figuring of steps inside and outside for wheelchair access.

    There will be more detailed changes as we progress with the plan, but we need to gauge opinion from you, the main users of the church.

    The pictures above, show views of a model which is in church.

    Please send your thoughts and opinions to the church secretary:


    Thank you.












     We are situated next to the Stroudwater canal

    on the edge of the Cotswolds, close to the M5 motorway.

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