Welcome to the website of St. Cyr's Church, 

    Stonehouse, Gloucestershire: A member of the STROUDWATER TEAM.






    14th September 2019

    You can use a bicycle (or mono-cycle or tri-cycle), a motor-cycle, a horse, a camel, an elephant, a car or just walk. Have a great day out visiting local churches or far-away ones. It’s not so much the hordes of cash (though we won’t say no!), more the taking part and having fun with fellow travellers and seeing other churches, swapping ideas and fellowship

    (and, maybe, tea and coffee and cake and biscuits) - and fun.

    We will also need people to be greeters and refreshers in our church

    for others doing the Ride+Stride thing

    - that can be fun too.



     We are situated next to the Stroudwater canal

    on the edge of the Cotswolds, close to the M5 motorway.


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