Mothers' Union April 2019

At our last meeting, we heard about the Red Box Project from Claire Forgione.  The Red Box idea started in Portsmouth in 2017 so is a fairly new initiative.  When Claire came to us it is celebrating their 2nd birthday.  There are 3165 boxes across the UK.  The project is now all over the country from Scotland to Cornwall.  The Red Box project is to provide sanitary wear to those young people who have none.  It had been noticed that girls were missing school because of lack of this item so this scheme was to address this problem.  It has made a huge difference to school attendance and elsewhere.


The boxes in this area were being brought by a lady from Cheltenham and Claire thought that she could take this on for the Stroud area as the Cheltenham lady had plenty to do in her own area.  What she didn’t realise was that co-ordinators are totally responsible for their area.  They need to do their own fundraising and even get their own boxes but she thought that as she had decided to, she would go forward.  She has a job and a child so it was quite a commitment.  The scheme was launched in Stroud in November 2018 and there are now 8 boxes in secondary schools, including Maidenhill, 10 in shops and libraries and the move now is to approach the primary schools.  The box Clarrie brought with her is just a small one for demonstration; the ones in the schools are much bigger.  She also supplies the Stroud College.  However, the health minister, Philip Hammond, has now said that the government will address this need from September and therefore the project will step back but this is good and there are still the primary schools to reach!

We welcomed two ladies who were visiting from the Canterbury area and who are MU members there.  They come to our church when then visit.  Glenis had announced the meeting at the church service and they were glad to come along.

There were quite a few questions and reminiscings and Claire was thanked for her interesting talk.

Glenis had asked members to bring sanitary items to the meeting to give to Claire as our donation as we cannot give funds because we are a charity ourselves.  Claire was delighted and wrote a message to Glenis to thank us for the donations and for the flowers for herself.

Our next meeting is on Maundy Thursday and we shall be joining with the Methodists at their church at 7.00pm.  Do come along if you can and if you would like a lift, please let us know.