Mothers' Union February 2018


Thursday 18th January 2018

Annual General Meeting

Dear All,

Our meeting this month was our AGM and Glenis opened the proceedings with good wishes for both Brenda and Joan on their birthdays being celebrated this month.

Glenis then went on to lead us in worship, with Marnie reading a prayer and Rosemary reading a passage from the Bible.

The minutes of last year’s AGM (on 19.1.17) were read and approved and the officers gave their reports.

Glenis, as branch leader, thanked everyone for their support, especially the committee.  Thanks were given to Brenda for being our link with Hazelwood and for all the work she does quietly behind the scenes.  Glenis commented on all the help that other members offer, by being prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, particularly Rosemary!

And once again many thanks to Ivy for the yummies!

Charles, our Team Vicar, was thanked for allowing us to exist and for supporting us so faithfully.

Audrey, as secretary, reviewed our meetings for the year, the theme of which was Faith in Action.

Kay, as treasurer, gave a brief outline of our funds, which had been shared out amongst the MU Diocesan Fund, AFIA, The MU Overseas Fund and the Mary Sumner House Fund.  She thanked Glenis for raising funds for the branch by selling things at a car boot sale.  Our membership stands at 21; with 15 full members and 6 indoor members.

All the officers and committee members were happy to continue in their roles and any other members would be very welcome to join them.

The committee consists of Glenis Abbott, Branch Leader; Audrey Ricks, Secretary; Kay Hensley, Treasurer; Olga Gibbons and John Morse.

Once the formality of the AGM was over Audrey treated (?) us to a quiz; the theme of which was ‘All things Golden’!  Much fun was had trying to fathom out the answers and the evening was rounded off with scones, jam and clotted cream provided by Kay and Brenda.


Future Dates

Sunday 11th February at the family service: Glenis’ commissioning as Branch Leader and Barry and Emma’s enrolment as members.

Thursday 15th February: Branch Meeting at Hazelwood: talk by Stonehouse History Group on Canals – donations gratefully received!