Mothers' Union March 2018


February Meeting
We were a rather depleted group for our meeting on February 15
th – several members were unable to attend for family reasons. This was a pity because we had a fascinating talk, accompanied by slides, by Jim Dickson and Vicki Walker of the History Society. It was all about the canal and especially the stretch near the church. We heard about the building of the canal and the controversy caused when some of the graveyard was purchased for a section of the route (bodies had to be disinterred) and also of the antagonism of the then owners of Stonehouse Court who were against the project. We saw pictures of the time when the canal was in regular use (including the well-known picture of the church with the Directors’ decorated barge – apparently there was some artist’s license with this as the wide footpath shown never existed!) and pictures from the time when it fell into decay, use declined and it was eventually closed to traffic. What had been a busy thoroughfare became a sleepy backwater. I think we all rejoice to see it being restored and look to the possibility of leisure craft regularly passing by.

We ‘passed round the hat’ for contributions to the History Society and have had an email from Vicky thanking us for our generous contributions and for our welcome.

Our next meeting will be on March 15th – Subject to be confirmed.  Remember everyone is welcome at our meetings - you don’t have to be a member.


God Bless        Audrey