Mothers' Union November 2018

Mothers’ Union October Meeting:

Sadly, plans for our October meeting needed to be changed at the last minute because Thelma Cowley, who was to tell us about the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, was unable to come. She hopes to come at a later time. Plan B was rapidly put into operation!

It was St. Luke’s Day so Kay led us in a slightly longer than usual worship at the beginning of the meeting. We thought especially of members and friends who were unwell and we also thought of Jean Riggs and all she had done for Mothers’ Union and in the parish. Olga then took over and gave us a quiz. We were given sheets with pictures from various television sit-coms and we had to identify the programmes. Many of the programmes were from yesteryear and led to nostalgic laughter. It was also amusing that although we remembered most of the programmes the names of their actual titles were sometimes elusive. A good time was had by all and Olga was thanked for stepping into the breech.

Our November meeting is usually a Craft evening. This year we will be producing materials for the Advent service, which will be led by the Mothers’ Union, and for Christmas.

God bless                                                                                 Audrey


Mothers’ Union Subscriptions:

Dear Members.  It’s that time again.  I’m after your money!

2019  Subscriptions are due.    £25 Ordinary Membership and

              £17 for Indoor Members

I need to pass the money over by the end of the year so if you could give it to me as soon as possible, I would be most grateful.

Also to remind you, that if you have not already done so, you need to renew your subscription for the magazine (Families First) yourself.  It is no longer being done by us.  If you have lost your form or need some help in any way please be in touch with me.

Very many thanks,                                                      Kay


Croeso i Abertawe – Welcome to Swansea

Having travelled from around the Diocese during the morning, we managed to be on time for the Festival Service at 3 o’clock. The service was held in the large Collegiate Church of St Mary right in the centre of Swansea – the church appears old but in fact needed to be rebuilt after World War II bombing. Gloucester Diocese does seem to be especially blessed: at the past three General Meetings there have been two Festival Services to accommodate the numbers attending with different preachers at each. At Winchester, our preacher was the Archbishop of Canterbury, at Edinburgh, the Primus (Archbishop) of Scotland and this time, we had the Archbishop of Wales! It’s always wonderful to be in a packed church of Mothers’ Union members enthusiastically joining in worship. MULOA (Mothers’ Union Listens Observes Acts) was the underlying theme of the two days and in his sermon, the Most Revd John Davies, referred to the Lessons read and the need, as Christians, to be attentive to those around us, which obviously links to the MULOA initiative. The Intercessions during the service were led by three of the Welsh Diocesan Presidents and the singing by St Mary’s excellent choir. Before the final hymn, the choir sang the Revd Eli Jenkins’ Prayer from Dylan Thomas’s ‘Under Milk Wood’ – simple words full of meaning. Leaving the church took rather a while because the wonderful Lynne Tembey and the Archbishop were trying to speak to everyone.

After an evening spent in our hotels or enjoying the high life in Swansea (apparently some of our members took dinner in a restaurant 28 floors up in a tower block!), we assembled the next morning at the Brangwen Hall in Swansea. The Hall is decorated with very special panels which were designed after the First World War to be placed in the House of Lords as a tribute to the Empire – they show the people and flora of the Empire and were deemed not worthy of Parliament as they did not show the glory of the Empire – as a result Swansea obtained them at a knock down price for the hall of their new Civic Centre.

As always, the morning began with welcomes from the Worldwide President, the Provincial and Diocesan Presidents. The Archbishop of Wales followed with his own welcome and he was followed by the Lord Mayor of Swansea – in my experience of previous General Meetings and other conferences, the civic welcome is usually brief. Not on this occasion – the Lord Mayor is obviously proud of his city and gave us a brief history from Viking times (Swains’ Eye was the city’s Viking name) through the Industrial Revolution, the bombing during World War II and its modern regeneration. He then referred to his own beliefs and ideals and equated them to the ideals and work of Mothers’ Union.

We then moved on to the business of the day. This being her final General Meeting as Worldwide President Lynne talked of the many things she has been able to do and the places she has visited in the 6 years (and it’s not finished yet). She also recounted how she had to be encouraged by her husband when she was invited to her first Mothers’ Union meeting. By the time she had finished, the programme was definitely running late. Bev Jullien’s presentation followed telling of the various changes taking place, the new Constitution and the planned developments.

After Midday Prayers, led by Tim Williams, the Provincial Chaplain for Wales, we adjourned for lunch. A few managed to venture out and find the famed ice-cream shop recommended by our Secretary Carole! One slightly amusing point – on these occasions many of the Gents’ loos in the venue are temporarily converted to Ladies’ loos. With so many men now attending some had to be hastily changed back!

The afternoon began with our Keynote Speaker, the Rev. Rachel Carnegie, who is a member of the Anglican Conference which is the worldwide body of the Anglican Church. Rachel is also a Mothers’ Union member. She spoke of her travels around the world. In this work, she sees the Mothers’ Union in action and said it is a blessing to the world. She spoke particularly of Mothers’ Union work in Sudan, speaking of Faith in Zimbabwe where, although they have little themselves, Mothers’ Union members provide for refugees, celebrating and sharing the gifts they have. She spoke of Giving Hope in South Sudan, responding to those in need and also, Giving Hope in the UK through the work in Prisons. This work is with the abused, refugees and asylum seekers and giving Love through AFIA and gathering and delivering much needed supplies around the world and giving loving hospitality. ‘From little acorns big trees grow’. At the beginning of the session we had all been presented with a colourful paper leaf. Rachel now asked us to write a prayer for the work of the Mothers’ Union on this leaf to create a tree of prayer – the leaves were then collected and given to the Archbishop.

The final session was, inevitably, a thank you to Lynne. It was done in the form of a ‘This is your Life as Worldwide President’ led by Daniel McAllister the Head of Fundraising and Communications. In addition to the achievements during the six years and the people she met (including enrolling a South Sea Princess on the spot), a few stories out of school were told and tributes were paid to her ever-supporting husband.

The closing worship was led for the last time by Bishop Andrew Proud who will also be stepping down at the end of the triennium. The General Meeting is always a great occasion and it was good to see so many people from the Gloucester Diocese (not just the coach group) there. Start making plans to attend next year in Portsmouth!                                  Audrey

Mothers’ Union Sale

Saturday 1st December

10.00-12.30 – at the Church

Dear all,

Our coffee morning will be held in our church St. Cyr's. Please come along and support us, you will be warmly welcomed. The heating will be on and we hope to have a few stalls, which will include a cake stall, books and brick-a-brac. Money raised will go to MU projects at home and abroad. If you would like to contribute to one of our stalls, please let me know and I will collect. Hope to see you there.

With love,  Glenis,    MU branch leader tel 826797 mobile 07784902822