Miriam June Sturm Thanksgiving Service

March 5th 2015:

Thanksgiving Service in St Cyr's Church Stonehouse.



June Sturm

From Revd. Canon James Harris.

Throughout my twenty years as Vicar of Stonehouse, I was extremely fortunate to have the support and encouragement of June Sturm. Many can and will pay tribute to her as a  member of the choir and congregation. As a Priest I valued  her great wisdom, vast experience of Anglican structures and its patterns of worship. These attributes made her an ideal candidate for Churchwarden. In this capacity she excelled. She worked well with her fellow wardens too.  She was always at the door to welcome worshippers, with an extra “helping hand” for newcomers. Her wise counsel, her discretion, her trustworthiness plus her amazing foresight, were all indispensable qualities for a position of leadership within the church.  Sadly I am not the best organised individual and the Vicar's vestry nearly always fell short of June's exacting standards! No matter. With humour  and gentle rebuke, June would and did get it “sorted”!

She was a keen and enthusiastic member of St Cyr's Missionary Committee. She was always anxious that the church should be seen to be out going and generous in terms of mission, both at home and worldwide and in its involvement in charitable causes.  As Secretary of the Park School Trustees she welcomed us to her home for the meetings. June helped us to see through the process of selling the old Park School buildings to the Education Authority and managing the funds that accrued.

She was a dear and great friend to us as a family. Whilst Pat was World President of the Mothers' Union, June would, in written communication, address Pat as “Queen Bee” and sign off as “Boss Ant”!

June was extremely interested in Church records. All who wanted help in tracing the record of a birth, marriage or death , could rely on June to research the request thoroughly. I remember especially the hours she spent researching the records of those married at St Cyr's in order that they might be invited to the “Celebration for Christian Marriage” services held at St Cyr's. It was fascinating to have replies from couples living in Portugal, Cyprus and of course throughout the UK. It was good to follow the married lives of so many at the receptions held at the Stonehouse Court Hotel following the services in church.

June was a wonderfully faithful, loving and devoted Christian person and helped and encouraged many who became faithful and loving followers of Jesus Christ. We thank God for June's wonderful Christian life, her Christian witness and example.

May she rest in peace and rise eternal.

The Revd Canon James Harris     Vicar of Stonehouse 1982 – 2002



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