Magazine August 2017


Can you unscramble these letters to find the books in the Bible?


  1. a s h j o u
  2. i m y t h o t
  3. h u r t
  4. k u e l
  5. b r o s p r e v
  6. t o n s l a m i n a t e
  7. c h a i m a l
  8. t h e r e s
  9. c h a i n s t r o i n
  10. h i m e r e a j

What kind of man was Boaz before he married?


Which Bible character had no parents?


What the Bible really means....

A father was approached by his young son who told him proudly,

“I figured out what the Bible means!” 

His father smiled and replied, “What then?” 

The son replied, “It stands for ‘Basic Information Before Leaving Earth’”




In trying to keep on top of the jobs that need doing in the churchyard, the Fabric & Finance Committee thought it would be useful to publish a list of the on-going jobs needed to retain a tidy churchyard.

These jobs are all small and can be done on the publicised dates – the next two are September 9th and November 18th (with skip – to clear the flower dump) – or if you have a couple of hours to come along on your own.

The only tools you need to bring are secateurs, small loppers, hand trowels and forks.

“The churchyard” consists of the old area surrounding the church, the area “over the lane” and the “new” area (containing the trees and cross).

The jobs are :-

removing the broken wooden sign, amongst the heathers, below the east (altar) window;

removing the ivy from churchyard walls;

and from the graves;

cutting down the saplings / small trees / bushes growing on graves; clearing the porch gutters (accessible from a small ladder);

clearing the stone church gutters (accessible from longer ladders  - which you would need to bring with you – do take care!;

weeding the gullies around the church walls (and at some point putting new gravel down); and

weeding the beds outside/opposite the church porch.

We hope you agree that the churchyard is already looking better for more frequent attention - and so it is hoped we can keep up the good work.

Let us know if you have any questions - and thanks in advance for the work you are going to put in.

 Steve Allen and Barry Francis (on behalf of the Committee).