Magazine December 2017


13th December, Wed. 12.45pm   Carol Singing at Hazelwood Day Centre

16th December, Sat.    11.00am   Civic Carol Service on the Town Green

            8.00pm     Carol Singing at the Woolpack

19th December, Tue.     3.30pm   Carol Singing at the Regency Home

24th December, Sun.     9.45am   Carols with Communion

             7.00pm    Carol Singing at the Stonehouse Court Hotel


Children’s Society Boxes – This year we raised a total of £843.53.

Many thanks to all who helped with the counting and of course to all who gave so generously. We welcome two new box holders this year. 

If you would like a box please contact Pauline Stevens on 01453 751024



to everyone who helped me whilst I was booted and off the road following a bone fracture to my left foot. I am so grateful for all the lifts - and offers of lifts - to church and meetings, to Jean Clucas’ funeral and to Mother’s Union. Also thanks to those who came to my home for meetings, took over my church hoovering sessions and covered my weeks off from locking and unlocking the church.

Your loving support is so very much appreciated.  God Bless you all.




As you will see from the December Rota, our service on Christmas Day will be at 11am.

Volunteers for duties are asked to sign-up on the sheet at the back of church for Sidespersons and the Old and New Testament Readings, please.

Or let me know one Sunday morning.

Many thanks                                                                      Barry




This is planned for the morning of Saturday 23rd December, beginning at 10am. Volunteers to help would be warmly welcomed; as would contributions towards the cost of flowers – never cheap anywhere at this time of the year. The current “fund” would buy, maybe, 3 Supermarket bunches!!

Please let Anne have your contributions.                   

Thank you.


An Irish Blessing

“The light of the Christmas star to you. The warmth of home and hearth to you.  The cheer and good will of friends to you. The hope of a childlike heart to you.  The joy of a thousand angels to you. The love of the Son and God’s peace to you”