Magazine February 2018

New Appointment to the Stroudwater Team.

We welcome the Revd. Liz Palin who will be joining the Stroudwater Team later this year. Liz will be based in Frampton. She is currently in post in the Cheltenham area.


Taken from “Word for Today”  -  from Christine Minchin

If you think you’ve nothing of real value to offer others, consider the words of an unknown poet: 

One song can spark a moment. 
One flower can wake a dream. 
One tree can start a forest. 
One bird can herald spring. 

One smile begins a friendship. 
One hand-clasp lifts a soul. 
One star guides a ship at sea. 
One word can frame the goal. 

One vote can change a nation. 
One sunbeam lights a room. 
One candle wipes out darkness. 
One laugh can conquer gloom. 

One step must start each journey. 
One word must start each prayer. 

One hope will raise your spirits. 
One touch can show your care. 

One voice can speak with wisdom. 
One heart can know what’s true. 
One life can make a difference. 
You see, it’s up to you. 


Author Jon Walker says:

Encouragement is part of God’s nature