Magazine January 2018

It must be done!

Unsurprisingly, a lot of jobs have to be done to keep St Cyr's running as smoothly as it does.

Huge thanks to everyone, who mostly unseen, give time and energy to make it work.

At the last LMT meeting, we talked about some of the tasks and thought it would be a good idea to list some of them and maybe mix them up and share them differently. You might be quite happy to carry on as you are now and you can! It may be that you don't know what needs to be done and would like to volunteer. We think it would be good to have a fixed term of a year, after which we can carry on again or swap tasks.

Some things that need to be done, in no particular order :

Coffee rota.With a partner, bring milk, set out cups and saucers then make hot drinks for everyone after the service. The urn is put on by Charles and all the other ingredients are provided by Kay.

Sidespeople. You need to be early to greet people as they arrive, give them a book and service sheet. Organise two people to do the collection, and another to help with the offertory – taking the bread, wine and collection up to the altar. Tidy up afterwards.

'Playing' the organ. This involves using the computer to do the music. Training is available.

Funerals and weddings. Music, as above. Particularly midweek. Also tidying up afterwards.

Open the Book. Telling bible stories by acting them out to children at the Park Junior School most Thursday afternoons at 2:30. We need more people to join the team.

Brass cleaning. Keep the eagle bright and shiny! Also the candle sticks and other brass items.

Pew dusting.


Cleaning the loo.

Flower arranging. Take a turn to arrange as many or as few flowers as you like in the church. The duty lasts two weeks because if you water them they last!


Intercessions. Talking to God on behalf of us all.

Magazine delivery. Take and deliver a few church magazines to people in your local area.

Opening and locking up the church. Open up in the morning and lock up in the afternoon.   Insurance doesn’t allow the church to stay open unattended after dark. In the Summer, it would be nice to have some of us able to welcome visitors to St Cyr's at the weekends during the day.  (Again the LMT have considered offering light refreshments all day on a Saturday.  One of the team will be asking for volunteers for this.)

Churchyard tidying. A few times a year we try to cut back the overgrowth. You might not feel very strong but if you could do a little it would help.

Baptism Cake Baking rota. Occasionally make a large cake to welcome new families to St Cyr's. There are large tins available to borrow.

I expect I have missed a few things off, but there will be space for more activities.

There is a list at the back of church to sign up on. Thank You!



Christmas Flowers.

Thank you all for your great monetary generosity. It was very kind of you all.

When it came to arranging the flowers on the Saturday before Christmas there were only three of us and it took us ages, at a time when we all have so much to do.

Please try to come and help for the special occasions, it's a busy time for us all and more hands would have made the four hours a bit shorter for all of us.

Sorry to moan.

I came home thinking that if there is nobody who will give their time to arrange the flowers, it would be better to give the flower donations to a charity.

Shall we do that at Easter?





Our Surveyor, David Newton, has made a model of the church showing the proposed NEW KITCHEN/SERVERY & TOILET FACILITIES (Phase One).  Also included are:-

Larger meeting area at the west end;

Full access through the west door;

Conversion of the old vestry to a parish office;

Conversion of side chapels to choir and clergy vestries;

Ramped approaches to the main door and chancel.

Please do have a look at it. There will be more detailed changes as we progress with the plan, but we need to gauge opinion from you, the main users of the church.

The model will be in church until 8th January, when it will go on display in the Town Hall for two weeks. Whilst there, we are holding an open evening from 6.30 to 8.30pm on Thursday 11th January.

On 22nd January the model moves to the Co-op for a week – and then, on 29th January, to the Library for a week.

On 5th February the model returns to church.

We are arranging all this so that as many people as possible can get to see what our plans are and have the opportunity to comment.  We need to do this to satisfy the Diocese that we have made efforts to publicise the project – one of the requirements to obtain their approval.

Do please have a look yourself and give feedback to Charles or any Church Council member.        Thank you.




As you will have read in a previous issue of the Cyrian, I am giving up the organization of the annual May Christian Aid Week door-to-door collection, after about 10 years.

Is there anyone who would like to, or just feels that they could, take on this role? Or maybe a team of two or more? I have a pretty comprehensive Checklist to follow and I would happily act as your guide.

In January, Christian Aid send out the Order Form for envelopes and other literature.

Going door-to-door, in the streets we were able to cover, has been a good witness by the churches in Stonehouse. It would be sad to lose this witness.

Please pray and think about it and if you have any questions, I would be happy to talk with you.

Thank you.                                                                                           Barry




Parish Lunch at St Joseph’s: Saturday 20 January from 12 noon. Come and feast on sausage-n-mash with all the trimmings and scrummy puddings. A beetle drive to test your skills to follow. A suggested donation of just a fiver with special rates for families. Please add your name to the list at the back of the church to secure your place, and be sure to let us know of any dietary requirements.

Mattie & Carole (St Joseph’s)




Hymns for People over 65!!!

Immortal, invisible........                                      I know my glasses are here somewhere.

And did those feet.........                                      ever manage to walk more than a mile?

I danced in the morning...                                  but I couldn’t do it now.

Morning has broken......                                      but it wasn’t me who dropped it this time.

One more step along the world I go...              actually, that’s probably all I can manage.

Hope you like these – love,

Christine Minchin


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