Magazine July 2017

Zambia Mission Trip – 13th-19th May 2017

Dear Friends,

What an amazing experience. Where do I start......?

My ‘calling’ to go on a mission to Africa some 30 years ago has been fulfilled. Praise God.

I have so much to tell you all, but will have to share my experiences one to one or in groups, because it was such a wonderful, very full, few days, and there would never be enough space in this Magazine to do my trip justice. Our Team Zambia came from various parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland, Scotland and also a lady from the Isle of Man (12 of us). Our wonderful Team Leader, Matt Smith, came from Wales and every event was meticulously planned in conjunction with OCC’s incredible National Leadership Team, based in Zambia.  The National Leadership Teams are the most amazing ‘god-filled’ group of people who work tirelessly with OCC and the various schools Churches and Orphanages.

Our times with the hundreds of children were so special and will live in our hearts for ever. Their very loud singing, clapping and dancing at each event (1-6pm), to ‘welcome us’ was ‘deafening’ in a most beautiful way! As was their screams of excitement and joy after they opened their shoe boxes, after the countdown, so that ALL shoebox lids were lifted at exactly the same time!  The first event in an old worn out tent (their church) had around 500 children. We were expecting 300. All sitting patiently in tightly packed rows, just waiting and watching as we took the boxes out of large cartons. So amazing – such beautiful children in such desperate circumstances... suffering malnutrition, disease from dirty water, mother’s dying in childbirth, HIV/Aids all contributing to the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social deprivation.  So many orphans!  It is estimated they make up 5% of the population of Zambia (600,00 in total).

The incredible joy we witnessed by the children and adults and their thirst for the Gospel message means that the churches are growing (churches, not as we have: an old tent, part built, no roof or windows, many just in the rural open ground). Many of the children attend Samaritan’s Purse ‘The Greatest Journey’ discipleship course and we witnessed amazingly devoted teachers, volunteers giving a lesson and the eagerness of the children to learn, recite memory verses, sing, dance and clap in each lesson. These wonderful children have their hearts set on succeeding if they are fortunate to attend a church or school, walking miles to get there, and love to learn and want to become teachers, doctors, engineers, pilots etc. the success rates these charity schools is 100%, such is the dedication  of the staff and volunteers.

The whole of my Zambia experience may have lasted only 6 days but will live on in my heart forever.

The simple shoeboxes are opening more doors for the sharing of the Gospel transforming lives, giving children opportunities to learn, being given a meal, clean water and share time together. Most of all they feel the love and warmth of those in the UK who have sent shoeboxes.

Please continue to encourage more and more people, family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues, to fill shoe boxes in 2017 and beyond.

God Bless you All

                                                June Dolphin


INVITATION – Thursday 20th July – 1.30pm

Our Mothers Union group will be visiting the Deerhurst Priory Church of St. Mary's for our summer outing. St Mary’s is a Saxon church. We will be leaving Stonehouse at 1.30 hoping to arrive at Deerhurst at 2.30. The church is about six miles from Tewkesbury. Our visit will be followed by a cream tea at the cost of £6.00. We will be going by car and hopefully lifts will be available, please let me or a committee member know if you would like to join us, we would love to share our outing with you.

With love, Glenis:    826797

Committee members:- Kay Hensley, Olga Gibbons, Audrey Ricks and John Morse.




Think on these:

Seven days without prayer makes one weak.

The best-selling books are cook books. The second best-selling books are dieting manuals – which teaches you not eat what you’ve just cooked.

from Christine




ANOTHER YEAR – and QUITE a good result.  I THINK all the money’s in.  We have collected £1598.73.  We had a couple of quid in the account so as things stand I am proposing to send £1,600 to Christian Aid. Only £70 short of last year’s total.  NOT AT ALL BAD.  (Gift Aiding will add £136.)  Not quite ready to send it yet, but I am doubtful that any more will come in. Anyway, watch for the poster and THAT WILL be the FINAL figure.

It has been an unpredictable year: some collectors were disappointed with the number of envelopes they were able to collect: some were happily surprised at how much was in their envelopes; others were dejected.  We were three collectors (that means streets) down.  But if we just look at the total …..

Maybe in the future we should target the “moneyed” streets – or is that too much like big business?

The Saturday morning collection in the High Street raised £143.05, which is almost £50 more than last year.  The weather was better but we didn’t have many collectors out.  Is this worth the extra effort, as it’s usually the door-to-door collectors who also do the High Street?

Maybe we should do something altogether different, like a “Big Breakfast”?  But then we are not “out there” witnessing.

But whatever we do in the future, for now it’s a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved (hoping that my memory’s still OK) :-

- to Kay and Glenis for organising the door-to-door collections in Little Australia & Bridgend and for counting & banking the results;

- to Caroline & Richard and Mike Abbott who helped Kay & Glenis with their counting;

- to all the envelope deliverers and collectors;

- to those hardy folk who stood collecting in the High Street;

- to my friends Maureen, Angela & Ron Pearce; to Richard and John who helped me count; and

- to Rev’d Charles as Independent Examiner.

I HOPE I haven’t forgotten anyone - I have, everyone who contributed their cash!!

No “quirky note” this year: just a big THANK YOU ALL – go to the top of the class.