Magazine March 2018


May I thank everybody who helped to collect all the milk bottle tops.  It was extremely lovely of you all.   Just to let you know that we have helped to acquire a dog for the Blind Association.

Many thanks again.                         Gill (Gillian Gay)


Taken from ‘Word for Today’     -  Christine Minchin

Is it possible that when we get to heaven there’ll be a ‘Mothers’ Honour Roll’, listing the names of all the faithful mothers who prayed day and night on behalf of their children and grandchildren?  Maybe, but this much we do know:  God honours mothers who honour God.

Susanna Wesley had nineteen children (nine died as infants) and she spent an hour every day praying for each one by name.  Her prayers paid off.  One of her sons, John, brought a spiritual awakening to Britain and founded the Methodist church.  Maybe there will be an honour roll for mothers in heaven, and maybe not.  But one thing is sure – when mothers pray, God listens and lives are changed.  So never stop praying for your children.

Pray for those who find Mothering Sunday challenging. 

Ask God to give them peace and comfort.



After a good two hours on the motorway network, we arrived safely at our destination, greeted by Matt, with a warm welcome and cuppa. Matt, a trucker, had lost his Father at 02.30 this morning, from a massive stroke, and yet amazingly, has such a wonderfully strong Faith, he just said that he knew his Father was 'with the Lord now' and carried on his duties, cheerfully. Matt informed us that, shockingly, 50 truck drivers had already died this year , a terrible statistic, as we are only into February! I was asked to read a small passage from the Bible: Matthew 9 v 36-38. Ruth from the Beacon Life Church, opened in Prayer before going off into her tiny kitchen, from which she produced a delicious lunch and pudding. We sang 'There's a place where the streets shine with the 'Glory of God', accompanied by guitar and organ.  Keith Creighton, then gave us an 'update' of G.R.M. Truck shows have now been very depleted because of space and cost mainly, though the Book Stops/Literature for Truckers is well-received and so is in need of more Volunteers to replenish these at Motorway services etc. Truckers are given Contact numbers on the literature, should they need to talk to anyone. Keith said he had been talking with a trucker for the past week, who said he had to 'pluck up the courage to make contact' for Keith to help him. Keith then told us that over 250 'Christmas Bags' were given out.  The Emerald Isle Outreach is expanding well. The 'National Prayer Chain' has 50 Volunteers, and I am proud to be part of this. We were then served a tasty lunch. After this , we listened to a Testimony from a retired trucker 'Mick' who spoke of his life as a trucker on the Continent and into Russia. How difficult the life is, long periods away from home, no family life often resulting in marriage and family breakdown, unhealthy lifestyle/diet, resulting in ill-health, terrible loneliness, bad habits etc. Our Kay gave us a brief Treasurers update and encouraged people to pay a Standing Order each month to G.R.M. if possible. Harry, G.R.M. Resident Evangelist, briefly described his role with 'Truck Stops, and Book Aid'  and Christian Literature is sent to the 3rd World. Margaret Apperley who you may remember from 'The Light Christian Shop' in Stonehouse, then gave us a wonderful Sermon, on the subject of 'Travelling the Motorways Of Life' with Compassion:  [Consideration: Observation: Mindfulness: Patience: Attentive: Security: Safety: Instruction: Obedience: Now].  Jesus is always travelling with us in whatever Journey we are travelling along. 'Nanna Mags',  as the truckers call her, is a tiny lady with a Very Big Heart for Jesus. Her Faith is so Strong. She told us of her 1st Distribution of  Christmas Bags; you could imagine how she had to 'Reach Up' to the Truckers and had great  difficulty being seen below the huge trucks, so had to knock on the cabs! What an amazing lady!  Our meeting drew to a close with Praise and a Closing Prayer. Finally, Please Pray for the growth of Glory Road Ministries as in some cases these, wonderful Volunteers have been a 'lifeline' to some Truckers who find themselves in desperately sad situations. Pray, whenever you see a lorry parked up in lay-bys. The cab is their home for long periods of time, a very lonely life for many. 

Thought: NO TRUCKERS - NO FOOD/ NO GOODS FOR OUR HOMES/MATERIALS FOR BUILDING HOMES ETC.ETC.  Our country/world cannot do without the services of Truckers.

Bless them all.  June Dolphin.




Last year we had a visit to St Cyr's from Andrew Holt from the Children's Society. We thought it would be good to invite the children from the Park Junior School to a Christingle service at Church. 

Mr Gasser thought it would be better to have it in the Park Junior School, so we invited Andrew Holt to talk to the children about the work of the Children's Society.

We fixed the date for the 1st Feb, in our usual Open the Book slot. We organised oranges to represent the world, red ribbon to represent the blood of Jesus around the world protecting it. Lots of people loaded fruit and sweets and candle onto cocktail sticks. Each class had a box of everything to make their Christingles.

Andrew Holt gave a wonderful talk to the children, about a little boy who had trouble at home and found help from the Children’s Society. The students were captivated, after which we went to their classrooms to make up the Christingles. They were very quick!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped in any way, Pauline, June, Val, Barry, Emma, Caroline, Kay, Richard, Sue, Steve, Mick, Colin, Michelle and Charles.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

We hope the children will remember their oranges and the work of the Children's Society.                                                                           Anne.



A Reminder – this was in our January Magazine!  -  Could you help?

It must be done!

Unsurprisingly, a lot of jobs have to be done to keep St Cyr's running as smoothly as it does.

Huge thanks to everyone, who mostly unseen, give time and energy to make it work.

At the last LMT meeting, we talked about some of the tasks and thought it would be a good idea to list some of them and maybe mix them up and share them differently. You might be quite happy to carry on as you are now and you can! It may be that you don't know what needs to be done and would like to volunteer. We think it would be good to have a fixed term of a year, after which we can carry on again or swap tasks.

Some things that need to be done, in no particular order :

Coffee rota.With a partner, bring milk, set out cups and saucers then make hot drinks for everyone after the service. The urn is put on by Charles and all the other ingredients are provided by Kay.

Sidespeople. You need to be early to greet people as they arrive, give them a book and service sheet. Organise two people to do the collection, and another to help with the offertory – taking the bread, wine and collection up to the altar. Tidy up afterwards.

'Playing' the organ. This involves using the computer to do the music. Training is available.

Funerals and weddings. Music, as above. Particularly midweek. Also tidying up afterwards.

Open the Book. Telling bible stories by acting them out to children at the Park Junior School most Thursday afternoons at 2:30. We need more people to join the team.

Brass cleaning. Keep the eagle bright and shiny! Also the candle sticks and other brass items.

Pew dusting.


Cleaning the loo.

Flower arranging. Take a turn to arrange as many or as few flowers as you like in the church. The duty lasts two weeks because if you water them they last!


Intercessions. Talking to God on behalf of us all.

Magazine delivery. Take and deliver a few church magazines to people in your local area.

Opening and locking up the church. Open up in the morning and lock up in the afternoon.   Insurance doesn’t allow the church to stay open unattended after dark. In the Summer, it would be nice to have some of us able to welcome visitors to St Cyr's at the weekends during the day.  (Again the LMT have considered offering light refreshments all day on a Saturday.  One of the team will be asking for volunteers for this.)

Churchyard tidying. A few times a year we try to cut back the overgrowth. You might not feel very strong but if you could do a little it would help.

Baptism Cake Baking rota. Occasionally make a large cake to welcome new families to St Cyr's. There are large tins available to borrow.

I expect I have missed a few things off, but there will be space for more activities.


There is a list at the back of church to sign up on. Thank You!



We are off to Sidmouth again:

 A bit earlier this year...

Saturday 14th July 2018

      Put it in your diaries.

        Tell all your friends.

      Tickets  £15 adult    £6 child

                        (price to be confirmed)

Coach departs from the ‘Globe’ at 9.00am

and leaves Sidmouth at 5.00pm

Booking and payment by 16th June Please!             

Love Anne