Magazine November 2017


In trying to keep on top of the jobs that need doing in the churchyard, the Fabric & Finance Committee thought it would be useful to publish a list of the on-going jobs needed to retain a tidy churchyard.

These jobs are all small and can be done on the publicised dates – the next one is November 18th (with skip – to clear the flower dump) – or if you have a couple of hours to come along on your own.

The only tools you need to bring are secateurs, small loppers, hand trowels and forks.

“The churchyard” consists of the old area surrounding the church, the area “over the lane” and the “new” area (containing the trees and cross).

The jobs are :

     removing the broken wooden sign, amongst the heathers, below the east (altar) window;

removing the ivy from churchyard walls and from the graves;

cutting down the saplings / small trees / bushes growing on graves;

clearing the porch gutters (accessible with a small ladder);

clearing the stone church gutters (accessible with longer ladders)  - which you would need to bring with you – do take care!;

weeding the gullies around the church walls (and at some point,

putting new gravel down);

weeding the beds outside/opposite the church porch.


We hope you agree that the churchyard is already looking better for more frequent attention - and so it is hoped we can keep up the good work.

Let us know if you have any questions - and thanks in advance for the work you are going to put in.

 Steve Allen and Barry Francis (on behalf of the Committee).

Some thoughts to share from Lower Cam magazine from Christine Minchin


Sign outside an opticians:

“if you can’t see what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place”


Be Still

You do not have to look for anything.                                     Just look

You do not have to listen for specific sounds.                      Just listen

You do not have to accomplish anything.                              Just be

And in the looking and the listening and the being.          Find me

Anne Lewin


The Church Wardens – by Nigel Beeton


Churches stand in ev’ry parish

Of the green and pleasant land

Some are small, yet so historic

Some are large, ornate, and grand.


Some have roofs that need repairing

Some have other wear and tear

Some have beetles, rot, or woodworm

But they all need loving care!


Thousands, then, of ancient churches

Being kept up to their rime

In the care of all those wardens

Giving freely of their time.


Yet much more than just the buildings

Occupy these sterling folk!

Rotas, meetings, service duties

Yet you’ll hear them laugh and joke!


So, to all these lovely people

Who have so much work to do

And do it all without complaining

From our hearts, we say “Thank you!”



Operation Christmas Child

Logistics Training in Cardiff (19th September)

As I have limited space in our Church Magazine I will briefly cover some important issues raised during training.

  • Processing our shoe boxes has to be carried out with more training of our Volunteers in our warehouses and more vigilance as occasionally, contents are ‘slipping through’ that are inappropriate or of poor quality.
  • Not complying with ‘Customs Regulations’ can have very serious consequences.
  • Health and safety issues in our 120 Processing Plants: new ways of working with our Volunteers and visitors.
  • £5 SUGGESTED donation per box – was discussed thoroughly and is well covered on the website, or I can give more detail as to why this decision has been made this year.
  • ‘Prayer Point’ is now sent on request in order to economise on the cost of producing and usage.
  • Lastly, and more importantly, OCC is covered in prayer as in a Christian organisation, prayer is essential. Every shoebox is covered in prayer by our headquarters, our ‘connect’ volunteers and within our processing centres and by individuals and churches.

God Bless you All                                                                     June Dolphin


Operation Christmas Child 2017 Launch:

We held our launch event this year in Hillview Church, Hucclecote, Gloucester.  We enjoyed a time of prayer, fellowship, a lovely film of shoebox distributions and lots of display tables (shoebox fillers for sale). I had a display for my ‘Zambia Experience’ and my photograph albums were very much enjoyed!

I was given the opportunity to briefly speak about my Zambia experience and then we had the joy of hearing ‘Tilly’s (Otilla Jelfs) incredible story.

Tilly came to our Gloucester Warehouse last year to volunteer. She came from Romania and shared her emotional journey and told us about her childhood and how difficult life was for her parents in Romania at that time. Her story was printed in the Citizen and she explained how important it was for her to be given a shoebox twenty years ago, the impact it has had on her life ever since, and she still treasures her hat which she showed us as she spoke with tears in her eyes! Amazing! A wonderful lady who has known such hardship and who is now an OCC volunteer and is a real blessing to our Gloucester Team.  Praise God,

June Dolphin.


OCC 2017 Campaign:

Please support us by filling a shoebox – Tilly is proof of what a difference that one item (warm hat) has made to her over 20 years ago. We are sowing seeds and God knows where this will lead each child who receives a shoebox.


Great News!

We have a processing centre in Gloucester

41 Hatherley Road, Gloucester, GL1 4PW.


Open Morning/Coffee Morning

Saturday 4th November 10-12

We invite you all to come along and see what happens at the processing centre.

There will be lots of pictures and information telling the good news of the joy these small gifts bring to the children. There will be items for sale that you can purchase to add to your shoebox, a tombola and of course coffee and cake (if anyone would like to bring some cakes, that would be lovely).

Invite your friends so we can get to know each other and experience the joy that shoeboxes bring, both in the country and to those children who receive them.


Opening times for volunteers who will be processing the shoeboxes are:

Monday 13th, Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th November    10-4

Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th November   10-4

Wednesday 29th November and Friday 1st December            10-4

Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th November                                 7-9

Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd November                                 7-9

Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th November                                 7-9

Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th November                               10-1

Don’t worry if you can’t make this as we can go through the new procedures when you first visit the processing centre.

Any questions... please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Sheila Whitaker.

                                                                                                0788 298 5530