Magazine November 2018

Letter from The Minchins

                                       THANK YOU!           (even though it's a little late!)

Time has flown by since Anne and I said goodbye to you last month.  Everyone told me retirement would be busy, but I'm not sure they had in mind dealing with builders making major alterations to the house we've moved to.  So I've only just realised I'm sending this to Richard and Kay at the very last minute.

We just want to say thank you to all of  you for the wonderful send off, for your extreme generosity in the parting gift from the parish and for your individual gifts, cards, and best wishes too.  It has been a privilege being your Vicar for the last fifteen years. 

Thank you for your support and prayer over that time, for the love you have shown throughout my ministry among you. 

Thank you for working with me, for putting up with my failures, and for the fun we've had together.  Please be as kind to my successor and his/her family (however different the “job” may have become) as you have to Anne and myself.

God bless and lots of love                                                   Anne and Charles


Mothers’ Union Sale

Saturday 1st December

10.00-12.30 – at the Church

Dear all,

Our coffee morning will be held in our church St. Cyr's. Please come along and support us, you will be warmly welcomed. The heating will be on and we hope to have a few stalls, which will include a cake stall, books and brick-a-brac. Money raised will go to MU projects at home and abroad. If you would like to contribute to one of our stalls, please let me know and I will collect. Hope to see you there.

With love,  Glenis,    MU branch leader tel 826797 mobile 07784902822




So many of you wonderful people do so much to keep our church ticking along that we felt it was time to put a BIG thank you in the magazine.

We’re sure you are all aware that there are many jobs done that go unnoticed so we have put a list on the board (which we hope is comprehensive), showing you who does what.  Now, we might have missed someone off – or even missed one of those little jobs – so we are asking you to have a look at the list, partly to check you are in the right place, partly, so that someone might like to be added to the list. It would be good, for example, to have a few more volunteers for the coffee rota so that your ‘turn’ doesn’t come round so often. The Churchyard clearing is another space that could do with more able bodies to volunteer – perhaps you know someone who would like to help!

As it says on the list, please contact a member of the LMT or a churchwarden if you would like to be added (or taken off) the list.


LMT – Olga Gibbons;  Audrey Ricks;  Emma Dunn;  Kay Hensley;

Colin Wood;  Val Winder.

Churchwardens – John Morse and Richard Hensley



The Filling Station:

We are very pleased to let you know that we are establishing a new ministry in our Team and the Stroud area.

It’s called The Filling Station and is designed to be a place of refreshing and filling up for those who are looking for more than a Sunday morning service offers. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at Standish Village Hall, (on the B4008 about 3m outside Stonehouse) starting at 7pm, and going no longer than 8:30pm. The evening consists of a time of worship, a teaching from some great speakers and an opportunity to receive prayer ministry.

We would love to see you there. Want to know more?

Phone Rev Steve Harrison on 07466858975  or Email

Next meeting Tuesday 6th November -

Standish Village Hall 7-8:30pm