Magazine November 2019

Flowers in Church

Dear All,

We were absolutely delighted by the response we got to our request for help with decorating the church for Harvest.

Barry and I would like to thank EVERYONE who donated in whatever way to this event, whether it was by giving up their time, using their expertise, donating their flowers or their money or by just being there to make refreshments and help wash up and tidy away.

We had a lovely morning arranging the flowers and the donated foodstuffs and the altar area of the church looked really beautiful. We made new friends and there was a lovely feeling of fellowship and fun as we put together the display, and it’s the loss of that fellowship and fun which I think saddens me most about what I have to say next.

Unfortunately from January Barry and I will no longer be able to organise the flowers in church. We desperately need someone to take over the organising of the flower rota, the buying of the equipment and the organising of the displays for the main festivals. 

Do please speak to Barry or myself if you are at all interested.  If 2 or 3 of you get together it is not such a big task and it would be so sad if flowers disappeared from our church.

Please find the time to think about volunteering!

With Love Olga,

01453 824332



We are shortly to lose a Sides-person and another member of the Coffee & Tea rota.

So this is an appeal for volunteers, please. The Coffee & Tea rota will be down to just six stalwarts. They work in pairs so their names will be coming round more frequently, unless there are more volunteers, PLEASE.  Most are already on more than one rota.

Could this be a way of doing a little more for our church?  Please pray about it, and if our God says “Yes”, please let a member of the PCC know.

Thank you.                                                                   Barry



Stroudwater Navigation (Canal)

During October, St Cyr’s church was privileged to host the Stroud District Council and the Canal Trust for their presentation and discussions with the Lottery Heritage Fund.

As you know, a great deal of work has been done to rebuild the Stroudwater canal through Stroud, Ebley and Stonehouse. That was ‘phase one’. The next phase, from ‘The Ocean’ to the Gloucester Canal, is already planned in great detail and funding for that is being sought. Some funding is already in place, from local and national organisations; this event was to show this progress to the Lottery Heritage Fund in a bid to obtain another tranche of funding from them.

We had Tuesday to set out all the equipment and displays, followed by the rehearsal of the presentations. The Wednesday was given over to meeting the Lottery Monitors over a buffet lunch and then, three hours of presentations and questions.

My thanks go to Colin Wood and Barry Francis with help in moving stuff around, and to Pauline Stevens and Glenis Abbott for serving lunch and refreshments.

Richard Hensley.




No posters, but please don’t forget:


Churches Together in Stonehouse:

Quiz Night Friday 22nd November 7:30pm

in St Joseph’s Church Hall



Stonehouse Goodwill Fest:

Saturday 30th November - always a lot of fun.


ADVENT Service for our Cluster of Parishes:

Sunday 1st December at 10:00am

communion service, Rector Steve Harrison (back from South Africa) will preside and Colin Wood will be helping.