Magazine October 2018

A Reminder that it is

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox' time again!!!

I am totally 'committed' to this, though it is completely separate from my involvement with 'The Ebenezer Trust in Zambia. A report on this follows:


"My Mission to Ebenezer Orphanage, Zambia"

 20th-29th August 2018

Hilary (Northern Ireland) and I first met in May 2017 on a Vision Distribution Trip with 'Operation Christmas Child' and gave out shoeboxes filled with gifts to the Ebenezer Orphans and five other groups, scattered around Livingstone. We both 'felt CALLED' to return to the Orphanage and offer continued support to these beautiful children through the Ebenezer Trust, the moment we returned to the UK. After a lot of PRAYER and planning, we were able to set a date with the new Director, Owen, his wife, Rebecca, and the Trustees. We met at Heathrow, very excited and with an extra 2 suitcases filled to bursting with LOVE, new clothes, games, fluffy bears, puzzles, hygiene items, flip flops, stationery, and much more!!! We were greeted at the airport in Livingstone (2 flights) at midday on the 21st  by Owen and Rebecca, with such JOY and HUGS. It felt like we had known each other for ages. Both such AMAZING Christians and hearts overflowing with love to us, the children and their community. We were taken to our B & B and Owen advised us to rest having left home on 20th and he would collect us at 08.30 the next day to take us to the Orphanage. 53 little faces pressed against the barred windows, excitedly awaiting the arrival of Hilary and June! An AMAZING 7 days followed, with the children. Hilary and I were greeted with huge hugs by the Housemothers, who live on site with the children, and then the children were brought out to meet us. Owen had explained that since our last visit with OCC, each child now has their own comfortable bed, mattress and bedding!!! Some improvements have been made to the kitchens, the lodges and the play area.

We spent most of our 2nd day cleaning and setting up a Library which we were able to use with the children later that day. A bright sunny place for the children to enjoy looking at their first ever books, listening to me reading stories, and doing craft work with Hilary. To watch the children enjoying the Library was shear Heaven to Hilary and I and a time that we will never forget!!! The children also enjoyed discovering 'Dot-to-Dot' books and were engrossed whilst joining the numbers to form the picture, no instruction needed, they just got on the mat, saying the numbers as they joined them. Incredible and such a JOY to witness, such a simple activity, giving so much pleasure to these little children. The older girls did some incredible drawings, when they found drawing pads on the shelves. When in the play area, we all had great fun and the children were very imaginative, playing happily in the hot sun.

 Owen took us to see the site of the new school, for 450 Ebenezer Trust Orphans, which should be built this year and will provide education for children who would otherwise not receive an Education. There is NO Government Funding for Education, Health or Social Services unless you are one of the 'Elite' which is so sad. Except for the Ebenezer Trust, who have supporters in various countries, these children would have nothing. Hilary and I are now offering financial support and are Praying we can go out again next year!!! We were also shown the farmland that is available to Ebenezer Trust, and Owen has a great Vision for this, to develop the land that the Trust owns in order to totally support the Orphanage and School in the future.

We met a boy who was at the Orphanage and is now qualified to run the chicken houses. He proudly showed us all the areas and the charts that have to be kept, for the Authorities. It is planned to work the land by hand (can’t afford farm vehicles and fuel), to grow food for the children and sell any surplus. They have fruit trees, and hope to have a fish farm and pigs on site. All this will take time, but with Owen’s Vision, to build lodges for Volunteers, to stay and help with all these projects, the future is looking brighter for the Ebenezer Children. There will always be a need in this area, as there are some 600,000 Orphans in Zambia. We also went to the Saturday Outreach Camp, where the children sang, danced and listened to the Gospel Message, followed by questions about 'Rules and why we have them' We had a wonderful time here on this site and the Youth Leaders and the Minister were incredible. The children then played football and skipping.  I have so much in my heart to tell, but limited space here.

 Please PRAY for these children and that they will be TRULY BLESSED  by Those of us who have a heart to support them.

Blessings to all who read this from

June x