Magazine September 2018

Christmas Crib Service  Monday  24th December 2018 at 2pm

Dear all,

Once again that special time of year (Christmas) will be approaching, and our church always welcomes everyone to our Crib Service on Christmas Eve.

This year I will not be able to attend and lead the service, however I am happy to help organise our special service.

Please would you contact me if you would like to share organising this special service. Tel 01453 826797 mobile 07784902822.

With love, Glenis Abbott


An Invitation from Stroud Street Pastors:

We would like to invite everyone go on a prayer walk around Stroud town centre on Saturday, 1st September, 8-9pm.

We will meet just before 8.0pm in the upstairs room of St Laurence church hall, returning there for refreshments.

This is a great opportunity to see Stroud at a different time than normal, and get a glimpse of the start of the "night time economy" which the Street Pastors serve every week.



At 7.30pm, 3rd October,

on the eve of Saint Francis Day, we invite everyone who is interested to share in some stories about Francis and the first Franciscans, and to enter a conversation about the legacy of Francis for the Church and the world today. John & Elizabeth Cowen invite us to meet at their home, next to Bisley Church: Over Court, Bisley GL6 8BE.


For further information, contact Fr. John:; 07974 432 562;

01453 350 138.


Around Gloucestershire

Some more quirky clues to Gloucestershire place names

(answers on page 11)


  1. Woolly Ruminants arrive
  2. Inter Prickle
  3. Canal Tunnel
  4. The Blair’s Eldest Son
  5. Singe a Meadow
  6. Evacuation Beach



Rosalind and I from St Jo’s are organising a trip to The American Museum, Claverton, Bath on Wednesday 26th September and would like to invite any members of St Cyr’s who are interested to join us. We are hoping to keep the cost of a ticket to £20 to include coach and entry to museum. Pick up point would be St Joseph’s at 10 am where there is adequate car parking.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the museum, but it’s very interesting especially the quilt collection and they have good catering facilities plus beautiful grounds. It would be lovely if some of you could join us on this trip.



Sponsored Quizzy Walk

In support of ‘Open the Book’.

A circular walk around Laburnum Field, open to all children (accompanied by adults) and all adults over the age of 12.


Saturday 15 September 2018

From 10:00am to 12 noon

(whatever the weather)

Laburnum Field, Stonehouse

‘Open the Book’ brings the bible to life for children in primary school.


Ride and Stride

On the 8th September is Ride and Stride day, an opportunity to ride or stride, or drive if that works for you, to raise money for the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust. You can read all about it on the web at, or simply Google ‘Ride and Stride’. The idea is that you get sponsorship for your ride or stride that then goes to the trust which makes grants available to churches for repairs. I know that some of the churches in our Team have received grants from the Historic Churches Trust, this is a great way to give back. The clergy will be leaving All Saints, Selsley at 10:00am on the 8th to ride to all 15 churches in our parish. Join us for all, or part, of the route, phone Steve on 07466 858 975 on the day if you want to know where we have got to and you want to come say ‘Hi’. Some of our churches may have tea and coffee available - if you are doing something like that please let William know; if you want to know which church is doing something, give William a call or email and he’ll let you know.

Contact details:

Team Rector: Rev Stephen Harrison:  Tel: 07466 858 975



Team Vicar: Rev Liz Palin: Tel: 01452 741 147



Team Administrator: Mr William Douglas: Tel: 07973 387 099



Filling Station

The Filling Station isn’t a place to fill up your car with petrol, well not this filling station anyway! It’s a movement which has grown to scores of Stations over the last 6 or 7 years, and has even spawned a conference called, you guessed it, ‘Refuel’.

We have a Filling Station right here in the Stroudwater Team at the Standish Village hall. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month from 7 to 9pm and we would love to welcome you to our next one which will be on 4th September.

The purpose of The Filling Station is to offer people a place of refreshing and renewal, good teaching, great worship, prayer ministry and fellowship.

Our local churches often find it difficult to offer this type of environment for us to connect with God, so at least once a month you can come for refilling at The Filling Station.


Ten Towers Challenge

Rev Steve is going to do a tour of ten of our churches, cycling to them and climbing their towers. “What is this madness’ you ask? We are very short of the money we need to pay our administrator, William Douglas, for 2018. To raise the funds Rev Steve is doing this tour, and hopes you will give very generously. Some people will be cycling with him, starting at All Saints, Selsley and ending at St Mary, Arlingham. It will be on the 29th September, after the Team service. The intention is to leave Selsley at midday (12pm) and hope to be finished by 6pm. The route is Selsley - Kings Stanley - Leonard Stanley - Stonehouse -Eastington - Standish -Whitminster -Saul - Fretherne - Arlingham.

Steve is hoping to raise £5000 through this initiative. From the 9th September there will be envelopes in the churches in the Team for you to make your donations. The envelopes may be placed in the collection plate and the money will then be transferred to the Standish account to be paid

on. Any extra money raised will be reserved for administrative costs.

Again, please give generously, as William is being woefully underpaid, and he does a great job. Steve is personally pledging £100 to this fund-raiser -what can you stretch to?

The team is working at securing additional funding for next year to supplement the money we already receive from the Sylvanus Trust.


Answers to ‘Around Gloucestershire’:

  1. Sheepscombe
  2. Thornbury
  3. Sapperton
  4. Ewen
  5. Charfield
  6. Dunkirk


Foodbank – what to donate for your HARVEST BASKETS

Milk (UHT); Sugar (500gm); Fruit juice (UHT); Pasta sauces; Spomge pudding (tinned);

Tomatoes (tinned); Cereals (small boxes); Rice pudding (tinned); Instant mash potato;

Rice; Tinned meat; Tinned fish; Tinned fruit; Jam; Biscuits or snack bars

Harvest Festival: 7th October, 9:30am, Café Church


Time Out Café

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with this venture on Saturdays at St Cyr’s.  Whether you have spent time in church serving teas and coffees, baked cakes, buns and biscuits, welcomed people into our church, or supported us – we are very grateful!

We feel that it has been a great success as all of us involved have had lovely conversations with those that come in or just pass by and, as a result, have met such lovely people.

We would like to carry on until the end of October (at least!), and then consider, as it gets colder, whether it is worth continuing. We will have to balance to cost of heating and lighting the church with whether we are providing a useful service to our community.

Having said that I’ve just put up a new rota going up to the end of December!

With love, Olga and the LMT


Flower Rota and Decorating the Church

Most of you will know that Anne Minchin has been beautifying our church by organising the flowers displays and the rota since she has been here.

What you perhaps don’t know is how she fills gaps in the rota, tidies up displays, orders the oasis and other ‘tools of the trade’, gets people together to decorate the church for festivals and generally makes sure our church is always looking good!

So on behalf of all of us I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Anne for all her hard work over the last 15 years.

I will be taking on the task of keeping the rota going and making sure that the stocks of oasis etc. are topped up.

However I won’t be able to do as much as Anne has done in the past so I am hoping that all of those of you that have helped will continue to do so and that some new helpers will come forward!

Ideally, what we need, is for someone who loves flower arranging to take charge of organising the big festivals, Harvest, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost – I am happy to support them BUT I am not very good at the ideas bit!

So if you want to continue to have a beautifully decorated church, then it’s up to you!

With love,

Olga Gibbons

01453 824332

P.S. We have gaps in this year’s rota (a copy is in the church porch!) for October 28th and November 4th – any volunteers?