Team Vicar's letter November 2018

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Letter from the Team Vicar:

The other month, I was driving somewhere when a programme came on the radio – it was Radio 4’s ‘Thinking Aloud’. On hearing it I was instantly taken back to the time when I had to drive up to Birmingham every Wednesday to study for my MA. ‘Thinking Aloud’ was the soundtrack to my journey, and on hearing it again the other day I remembered what a special time that journey was – time to think, to get my brain into gear for an evening of lectures and debate.

November is a time of remembering in the church year. The period from All Saints to Advent is a time when we are reminded of the fact that ‘no Christian is solitary’. All Saints day and All Souls day are days when we reflect on this sense of belonging and remembering.

At All Saints we celebrate men and women whose lives the Church as a whole has seen God at work. God’s work of grace can be seen in the ordinary and extraordinary, as any flick through a dictionary of Saints will demonstrate.

The services where we commemorate the faithful departed are a more local and personal way of remembering those whom we have loved and are no longer with us. It allows us to remember those whom we have known more directly, those saints in our lives, who have nurtured us, who gave us life, and made us who we are.

Then we move to Remembrance Sunday, where we explore further the theme of memory, both corporate and individual, as we confront issues of war and peace, loss and self-giving, memory and forgetting.

So November – a time of remembering, of reflecting, of moving towards a renewed hope as we prepare to celebrate the birth of God’s son. A birth not announced in best BBC English on Radio 4, but by angels, to an unmarried teenager and her carpenter boyfriend. An announcement made for each one of us, God so loved the world that he sent his only Son to save us. That’s worth remembering.

Revd Liz Palin