Mothers' Union February 2020


Dear all,

January is the month our MU members meet together for our AGM. Our AGM began with prayers focusing on the New Year and guidance for the future. The prayers were all taken from various MU prayer books. We had a good attendance at our meeting and business proceeded with Glenis, our branch leader, giving her report including the secretary's report. Thanks were extended to the committee members and all our members who are always supportive in everything we endeavour to do and partake of. Brenda was thanked for being our link with Hazelwood which is a very nice and comfortable venue. Audrey Ricks was acknowledged for her commitment to our MU and we are all so pleased she is settling so well near her family in Edinburgh. Gladys Phillips RIP was acknowledged for her commitment to our MU. And we acknowledged our committed member, Ivy Stockman, who celebrated her 90th birthday last year and was very generous to the MU as well as bringing goodies every month. Kay, our treasurer, gave her report and we were so pleased that we could share our fundraising and donations with various groups within the MU. Our committee has stayed the same: Glenis Abbott Branch leader,  Kay Hensley Treasurer, Committee members Olga Gibbons and Ruth Creighton, at the moment we are sharing  the secretary's role. After the business we had a quiz (provided by Olga who couldn’t be with us) which was light-hearted and fun. Most importantly we finished with meringues and fresh cream , cups of tea or coffee and fellowship.


Our next meeting is Thursday Feb 20th 7.30pm at Hazelwood, Speaker Elizabeth Smith  - Palliative Social Work.


On Monday, 24th February from 10am to 1pm there is a meeting for ALL members at Hucclecote church.  An opportunity to get up to date information on MU generally and to meet and chat with fellow members from other branches.  If you would like to go, please be in touch with Olga or Kay who would be glad to offer you a lift.  Bring a packed lunch.  Drinks will be provided.

With love Glenis