Magazine December 2019


Dear Box Holders – the boxes I have received to date come to a grand total of £765.70.  Thank you so much for your contributions.

I have been ‘in charge’ of the box opening now for 10 years and over that time we have been able to send £9552.15 to the Children’s Society.

I am retiring this year and will write a little piece for the January Magazine.

Thank you all for your support,                                                  Pauline Stevens


Concert by Stonehouse Community Choir

Dear All,

On Monday 9th December, The Stonehouse Community Choir will be performing in St. Cyr’s Church at 7.30pm.

The Concert, entitled ‘Christmas from Around the World’’, will feature carols from many countries, both in the original language and in English.

Following the interval - with festive refreshments! - there will be the opportunity to join in with traditional carols to get your Christmas season off to a good start!

Entry is £3 on the door.  Please come and join us!

Olga Gibbons


Christmas Flowers in Church

Dear All

We will be decorating the church for Christmas on Saturday 21st December from 10.00am to 12.00pm.

Everyone is welcome to help and cake will be provided!

Barry and I will provide some flowers, but any extra donations of flowers, greenery or money will be very welcome!

Sadly no-one has come forward offering to organise the church flower, so this may well be our last get together, so let’s make it spectacular!

With Love        Olga



A couple of pieces from Christine Minchin:

Conscience – (as defined by a small boy):

“Something that makes me tell my mother before my sister does!”


My Mobility Scooter

I love my little scooter

It helps me get about

It has a little hooter

So I don’t need to shout;

Though neither help the shocking

State of paths, worse ev’ry day!

And neither help unblocking

The cars parked in my way.


By Nigel Beeton



We want to be able to offer a range of hymns and songs that everyone can sing along to, with a mixture of both old and new. To this end will are looking to use a few new songs, using pre-recorded music to complement hymns with the organ. To enable you to become familiar with them, we will gradually introduce them over the coming months and that they will be played before and after services so they become familiar.

We hope that you will appreciate the new songs, and though they may not be to your particular preference, there will be others in the congregation who will value them.  





The candid campanologist is pining for a rest

Pulling rope in time with the muscle of the chest

The town is full of music the parish air is fresh

From the rooftop of the tower there’s a sound that’s heaven sent

The baby in the arms of the Reverend Maurice Trent

Is shocked by the disturbance of cold water to her head

When she starts to cry there is magic in the eyes

Of the parents John and Caroline Lilywhite

The morning chorus croons its orchestrated tune

As iron hammers steel to create a loving mood

Paula’s getting married to Francis Peter Drew

Both families will rejoice on a sunny afternoon

Today we celebrate the life of Thomas Grimes

He was the senior editor of “The Altruistic Times”

He said the working poor are running out of food

God’s children feed the kitchen with nutrient in the soup

This is the age of reason with no reason for its sin

The burglar steals the lead the vandal lurks within

This is the age of progress that kicks a headstone down

Flowers wilt in silence the atheist drum is loud

Long live the holy soundtrack the volunteer and cast

We are the neo faithless a tourist of our past

Let the bullfinch sing her heart out from the perch

Save the bells of England and the passage and the church

Kevin David Stevens