Magazine February 2020

From Pauline Stevens

This is my final job as Children’s Society Representative. I have sent them the following monies:   From our Crib Service:   £50.71;

From our Carol Singing at Stonehouse Court:  £90.75:

A grand total of:   £141.46.                                           

With love,   Pauline


" Operation Christmas Child 2019 Campaign News": 

The Results are in!!!

Another Amazing Shoebox Campaign.

Our Gloucestershire Processing Centre Processed 6,547 shoeboxes some of which came from Thame as they had 18000 boxes to process and were unable to find a Warehouse in their area. These were spread across various Regions. Overall Worldwide Operation Christmas Child (OCC) sent over 10 MILLION shoeboxes to children who would otherwise never receive a gift in their difficult situations, that is 10 MILLION children BLESSED by OCC Volunteers! Of these the U.K. sent 398,664. So, THANK YOU  to all who donated filled shoeboxes, fillers and not forgetting our Angels who knit all year round, those of us who give Presentations, our fundraising groups, schools and Businesses. I  Hope and Pray that 2020 will be another good year for OCC and the children we serve and for the many changes that are happening in the U.K. OCC Organisation. I will keep you all informed as and when I know of any changes affecting GLOS. 

Love and thanks from  June (Dolphin) X


Retiring Collections

For many years we have had retiring collections – a gift to a charity – for those in need. Over recent years this has reduced to only a couple of pounds occasionally being in the plate. 

Your PCC has decided to discontinue this.

However the Saturday ‘Time Out Cafe’ which operates from Easter to Autumn will donate any takings to one of the many charities that we support.

If you feel you would like to donate to one of our charities please feel free to do so but put it in an envelope and state which charity it is for.  Our Treasurer, Val, will then pass this on.



Sadly, one of our volunteers is unable to continue at the moment due to other commitments.  The job is to hoover the church, vestry and church rooms once a month on a rota.  You can do this job any day of the week providing there is no service being held (midweek communion or funeral).  You will be entrusted with a key to enable access to the hoover.

If you are interested please be in touch with Kay Hensley (824910) for more details...


A little piece from Christine Minchin:

Saint Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

St Valentine is the patron saint of lovers – but why?

He was a priest who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Claudius in 270AD.  Claudius decreed that marriage was illegal in the Roman Empire, probably because not enough unmarried men were joining the Roman army.  Valentine converted people to Christianity  and married the unwed.  Hence his martyrdom.

We send messages of love and affection to our partners.  It is said that over one billion cards are sent worldwide for February 14th.

“Common as light is love, but its familiar voice wearies not ever”


Experience Christmas at Maidenhill School

I was really pleased that this took place in the first week of my holiday, so I volunteered to help. I was unsure about what I was volunteering for, what I would be doing or who I would be working with, but I knew that it was an opportunity to share the Christian message with young people, so why not…

Emily from PSALMs and local Christians had planned the sessions, which I received before the event. Reading these helped me to know what I needed to talk about and what the students would be doing during the sessions. Every lesson was split into two halves – one focussing on different characters in the Bible account and the other looking at the customs we have now.

In the half of the lesson focussing on the Bible, there were different areas set up for each character: Herod, the Magi, the Shepherds, Mary and the Prophets. Each area had an activity which allowed reflection and discussion about the characters and linking them to the present time. My personal favourite was thinking about who the outcasts are in society now when focussing on the shepherds.

The other half of the room was set up as a post-Christmas dinner. This gave a chance to think about customs, where they originated from and how long they have been part of our celebrations. The crackers provided the opportunity to discuss how the students celebrate Christmas and they had the opportunity to respond by thinking of a positive change they can make and hanging this on the tree. Hearing the students reflecting and sharing was a privilege – they had never met the volunteers before, but were open and honest with us. The question which I was most impressed with the responses to was about whether non-Christians should celebrate Christmas; it was clear from their reactions that this was something they had not considered before.

Overall, it was a great way to start my holiday, as it focussed me on the story in a different way and I was amazed by the engagement from the students. I reflected on the Christmas story in a different way – and learnt new things myself.

I would definitely recommend volunteering at future school events to anyone who is able to. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked with this age group before, they really aren’t scary; if you feel you need support, pair up with someone; you can give as much (or little) time as you have, it is all worthwhile. If you want to know more, please ask me, Rev Dave or Emily.

Sharon Bishop



GLORY ROAD – 18TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – Saturday 25th January 2020

This took place at the Bethel Church in Stonehouse.

Refreshments and a very warm welcome on our arrival.

Steve opened with prayer.

Keith gave a short introduction which was followed by a time of worship.

Keith then talked about the plan to reach more Truckers in 2020 with ‘King of Kings Special Delivery’- Gift bags – a simple way of reaching truckers with essential item, a few treats and if appropriate introduce Jesus.  In 2019 300plus Gift bags were handed to Truckers in 5 locations in England, also in areas of Scotland and Ireland.  The Truckers were very appreciative of these gifts and the fact that some ‘cares for them’.  Glory Road Ministries has launched a ‘WhatsApp’ Group and still has a ‘Prayer Team’, and a 24/7 phone back up and chaplaincy. Matt spoke of communicating with the many European Truckers and learning some of their languages when possible.  There are 7 ‘Truck Shops’ (with an information stand in them) in the UK.   Lucy, a trucker, spoke of her ‘Dream of Working in Africa’, and is fulfilling this in Uganda!  She is going to attempt a 5K run soon to raise funds for this work – no easy task for someone who sits in a truck all day.  Graham (a retired trucker from Larne, Northern Ireland) spoke of the urgency of reaching truckers (120,000) in Ireland and has been involved for 5 years now.  He said that every driver he has reached in 2019 was European and receptive to God’s word and very grateful to be given a gift bag.  Graham also spoke of the very high suicide rate in his area and requested more prayer for so many who are suffering depression and ill health.

We were served a delicious lunch and enjoyed a time of fellowship over a cuppa.

Thank you to all involved.

June Dolphin