Magazine January 2020

Eulogy for Gladys Mary Phillips:

Gladys Mary Perkins was born on 17th November 1928 at Woodford, near Berkeley. She started Infants School in Stone, but when she was 7 years old, Mother, Father and ‘little Margaret’ moved to Ashmead, a little hamlet between Cam and Coaley. On leaving school, Gladys initially took up a position at Kinghams Hairdressers in Dursley.  She then moved to Cam Woollen Mills in Quality Control working on the enormous baize sheets made for billiard tables.

Gladys was excellent at needlework, embroidering table cloths, pillow cases, handkerchiefs etc. for pleasure and also for charity functions. Her hobbies, when she had the time were scrabble, crosswords and quizzes. Her legacy to me was her love of books, she taught me to read at a young age and I share her passion for literature.

Always a regular attendant at church, she ‘adopted’ St Cyr’s when she began working at Standish. Her faith being a most important and private commitment to her, leading to her involvement in the Mothers’ Union, which was a particular joy to her.

Gladys started her nursing career through joining the Dursley branch of the St Johns Ambulance Brigade, (in fact the whole family joined up, she was an excellent recruiter, there always seemed to be a Perkins on duty). Gladys’ training for State Enrolment took place in Gloucester and on completion she took a position in Standish TB hospital, famous for its Fresh Air Treatment (winter and summer beds out on the balcony), where many will have known her as ‘Nurse Polly’. She worked there until she retired.

During her time at Standish, she nursed the gentleman who subsequently became her soulmate. Jesse Phillips was a patient on Polly’s ward, after recovering good health he returned to his home in Cinderford, in the Forest of Dean. Life continued on, but Glad never forgot her patient, and when he turned up at Standish Hospital’s Summer Fete several years later, in true ‘As Time Goes By’ style looking for her, it appeared he hadn’t forgotten Polly either ... love conquers all!

Gladys always loved travelling by coach and had in the past been to Norway, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland, also to Oberammergau to see the Passion Play. With Jesse, they travelled the length and breadth of the country, having a particular affinity with Eastbourne, we all thought they may spend their twilight years there.

Having married later in life, sadly they were not blessed with children, instead her family were her own nephews and niece, and Jesse’s children and grandchildren. Gladys never forgot a birthday or a special occasion. A traditionalist and a firm guide of right from wrong, these were values she imparted and will always be remembered fondly for.

After sadly losing Jess in 1996, Gladys moved to Sheltered Housing at Hazelwood Flats in Stonehouse where her caring and compassionate personality continued to shine towards the other residents and day care community events.  She moved to High Border Lodge at Leonard Stanley, where she settled in with her usual helpful attitude, joining in every activity on offer and was always first in line for Gills quizzes! At the incredible age of 90 she may have been frail but her mind was incredibly sharp, and she loved playing Scrabble. As one member of staff said to me recently ... she is ‘A Very Special Lady’ and we all love her to bits.



Children's Society fundraiser and preparations for our Christingle Service on Sunday 2nd Feb at 3.00 pm

See  advert on page 15

Coffee/Tea/cake Sat. 1st Feb at Glenis's 6,Crescent Rd. 2.00 pm - 4.30pm

Help needed to prepare the oranges

Look forward to welcoming you to my home to fundraise and prepare our oranges.

With love Glenis



For the beautiful bouquet of flowers, presented by Richard following Kay’s words of appreciation.  It was all a completely unexpected surprise that Sunday morning.

I really appreciated Kay’s words – as I have the love, friendship, caring and support I have received over some 16/17 years at St Cyr’s (I ‘joined’ shortly after Charles took up his role as Priest-in-charge).

It’s hard to leave, but the time had come for a retirement apartment (at St Matthew’s Court, Cainscross) and it seems daft not to attend St Matthew’s church ‘just across the lane!’

Thank you to those who have helped and supported me through the move, particularly Kay, Richard (with all they have on their plates) and Pauline.  Though I had other offers of help (much appreciated) I found it hard to ‘allocate jobs!’

I will be very lucky to find such friends elsewhere – and will keep in touch.

(Still not on-line/no landline number yet!!)

So a big thank you to you all.         Take care and God Bless,  Love  Barry.



Christmas Greeting to you from Anne and Charles

I wasn’t going to write a Christmas letter this year because there didn’t seem to be much to say. Then I wrote a list and changed my mind!

Penelope James Minchin arrived in April, in Melbourne, so we had to contain our excitement until November when Paige and Matthew brought her over to meet us. She really is the most beautiful baby!  We plan to go to Australia next year and spend a month there.

Very romantic, Robert and Caroline cycled to the top of a mountain and he asked her to marry him! Happily she said ‘Yes!’.

Our house isn’t finished yet, mostly decorating jobs we have learned to ignore! We must get on with them after Christmas.

Despite not being pension age, I decided to retire at the end of the Summer term. I was getting very tired, forgetful and wanted to be at home with Charles, be free to visit friends, to do some of those jobs and to spend time working on the garden.

So I did and we went on holiday to South Wales! We joined Caroline’s mum and dad, sister, husband and three children at Pembury Sands. They had caravans and we went in our dodgy camper van. The men spent a lot of time with their heads under the bonnet trying to fix it! We had a lovely time getting to know them all a bit better.

We are really looking forward to Rob and Caroline’s wedding next year! They asked Charles to do the ceremony. So it had better work out well! To be able to do this he needed to get ‘PTO’.  As a retired clergyman he wasn’t allowed to do anything in the church for 6 months, then had to apply for ‘Permission to Officiate’. As soon as he got it the Bishop asked if he would help out at Wotton under Edge, so we have been there a couple of Sundays!

Sarah ran her first Marathon, starting in Chester in October! We are awesomely proud of her! Luckily, she was able to do most of her training before the dark evenings began, but she did gruelling amounts of pavement pounding after long days at work.

Monica mum had her 90th birthday in November and we spent the day with her. She loved us being with her, but she can’t hear us and she can no longer get her head round new things. Very puzzled by a grown up Matthew having Penelope!

It’s good to have time with my ‘new’ sister and Josie. We get included in their family celebrations which is a privilege.

Do come and see us if you are nearby and have time!

We hope you will have a very happy time this Christmas and a healthy 2020!   God Bless you!                        Anne (and Charles)

(address and telephone available on request from the Hensleys)



From Christine Minchin – for the New Year

New Every Morning

Every day is a fresh beginning,

Listen my soul to the glad refrain.

And, spite of old sorrows

And older sinning,

Troubles forecaster

And possible pain,

Take heart with the day and begin again.

Susan Coolidge (January 29th 1835-April 9th 1905)




From Pauline Stevens

Children’s Society Boxes

This year’s total was £765.70.  With grateful thanks to all who helped collect the boxes, open them, and counted the contents.  And, of course, to you who faithfully put your change into them.

This is my last Box Opening as I have decided to ‘hang up my hat’ and  I have handed the job to Emma Dunn.

I have enjoyed the ‘job’ for the past 10 years, during which time we have sent £9552 to the Children’s Society.

I am sure you will give Emma as much support as you have given to me.

With thanks again,                              Pauline